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New TV project?

Saw this headline online. Doesn't sound like confirmed info but interesting nethertheless:

Source: Variety
December 19, 2006

ABC's adaptation of Britain's "Footballers' Wives" scored two touchdowns Monday, snagging a pilot greenlight and a potential big-name director in the form of Bryan Singer (Superman Returns, first two "X-Men" films), reports Variety.

Chris Brancato and Bert Salke are executive producing the new take on "Wives," with Marco Pennette writing and executive producing via Touchstone Television. ABC first ordered a script for the project last summer.

Singer wasn't originally involved in "Wives" but is now loosely attached to direct. A rep for Singer said the director hasn't yet decided which script he'll helm under the terms of his ABC deal.

The new take on "Wives" will be set in the world of pro football rather than soccer but will retain much of the over-the-top spirit of the original. The original was a campy mix of "Dallas" and "Desperate Housewives" revolving around three ordinary women whose lives are transformed by the celebrity and fortune that come with marriage to sports superstars.

SOURCE: Coming Soon.net

I can't say I ever watched the UK version - too cheesy for me.